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Tracking every child's
right to social protection

Child benefits are a proven, practical intervention to address poverty and improve child well-being across a range of outcomes, including health, nutrition and education. Explore data on child benefits around the world, compare regional and country progress and understand their impact.

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Child or family coverage trend

2016201720182019202020212022% of children covered0102030405060708090100

Children under 15 covered

Children under 18 covered

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Effective Social Protection Coverage

Child or family coverage
of children covered by a child or family benefit (- )
Total population coverage
of total population (- )
Persons with severe
disabilities coverage
of persons with severe disabilities covered (- )
Expenditure on social protection systems for children
of GDP is spent on social protection systems for children (- )

Child Poverty


800 million children are living in monetary poverty

of children live in households with a per capita income of less than US$2.15 PPP (- )


of children live in households with a per capita income of less than US$3.65 PPP (- )



1 billion children are living in multidimensional poverty

of children live in multidimensionally child poverty (- )


of children live in multidimensionally poor households (- )


Social Protection Coverage by Child Poverty Level

% of children living in monetary poverty0255075100% of children covered0255075100


Child and Family Benefit Schemes

Policy TypologyNumber of countries with this policy typology
Universal Child Benefits

0 Show countries



Quasi-UCB: Short-term Coverage000
Quasi-UCB: Affluence-tested Scheme000
Quasi-UCB: Coordinated Mixed Schemes000
Employment-related contributory schemes000
Poverty-targeted schemes000
Employment-related (social insurance) and non-contributory means-tested schemes000
No national child/family benefit000

Country Prospects

In 2022, this opinion survey was distributed among UNICEF Country office colleagues to gather insights into their perspectives on the future outlook of child benefits.

Has there been an increase in coverage of child benefits since 2019?


What is the key challenge to increase coverage of children?

Limited fiscal spacePoverty targeting preferenceChild poverty not prioritizedLack of political will255075100
Low implementation capacityLack of coordinationLack of public supportUnsure255075100

What is the most effective action to increase coverage of children?

Adjust designEnhance ImplementationExpand coverage for vulnerable groups255075100
Introduce a new Child BenefitIntroduce/Expand poverty-targeted scheme(s)Unsure255075100

What are the future prospects in coverage of children over the next 3 years?

IncreaseStay the sameDecreaseUnsure255075100

SOURCE Unicef Country Office Survey



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